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IDS is a teaching ministry of Geoff Volker. Our purpose is to stimulate your thinking on significant Biblical issues. Our theological point of view is that of the Reformation in that we hold to the Doctrines of Grace (TULIP). We differ from Reformation theology in areas such as infant baptism and the Sabbath. We also teach from the perspective of New Covenant Theology. Take your time and browse our site – we hope we can be a useful resource for you!

April 29 Colloquy “Is the Cross Alone Sufficient for Salvation?”

Join us 6:30-9PM Saturday, April 29 at Gilbert Regional Library and experience a colloquy addressing the question, “Is the Cross alone sufficient for salvation? Dr. Brian Arnold will take the NO position and Geoff Volker will take the YES position. Refreshments will be provided; no child care.

  • Dr. Arnold joined the Phoenix Seminary faculty in 2015 and teaches courses in Systematic Theology and Church History. He has prior teaching experience as a Garrett Fellow at SBTS, where he served as a Lecturer in areas such as: Church Leadership, New Testament (Greek), Old Testament (Hebrew), Church History and Theology.
  • Geoff Volker is the Director at In-Depth Studies and an Elder at New Covenant Bible Fellowship.

Free Admission (love gift offering will be taken).
For more information, contact:

  • Geoff Volker at Volker.geoff@gmail.com. 480-313-8558
  • Paul Honeycutt at Honeycutt.paul@gmail.com 480-206-6978

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New Book

Picture-Fulfillment: A Study in New Covenant Theology

“Excerpt 2 | What is a Covenant?


What is a Covenant?

There is no debate that the concept of the covenant is a significant idea in Scripture (1 Corinthians 11:25, Hebrews 8, Galatians 4:21-31). But there is much debate concerning what is a covenant and how we are able to identify a covenant.

Let’s first tackle the question as to exactly what is a covenant? I would say that a covenant is some sort of an arrangement between two parties. In saying what I have said I am very aware that my definition is a bit vague, but it is vague by design. In Scripture there are a variety of types of covenants. We will examine each covenant…” Read more


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