What We Do

Welcome to the ministry page of In-Depth Studies. We’ve placed a general description here of the ongoing events of In-Depth Studies. For complete details of the ministry of ids, including specific times, dates, and locations, please visit IDS At-a-Glance and/or subscribe to our monthly electronic newsletter. We are happy to travel to you for a study, conference or debate. If you have a question about anything you see here, just email Geoff Volker at: geoff.volker@ids.org.

  • Biblical Counseling
    Biblical Counseling at ids offers people the opportunity to experience lasting biblical change by applying Scripture to all of life. We offer counseling for individuals, couples, or families at no charge. Read more about IDS Biblical Counseling
  • IDS Audio
    In-Depth Studies is pleased to provide ids audio. This website is devoted to providing free audio files available for down on various theological topics for the purpose of equipping believers around the world with a theological foundation. Visit the IDS Audio Page
  • Theology 101
    Theology 101 is a weekly study that meets in multiple locations in the Phoenix area from September through May of each year and provides an intensive study of Scripture in a setting that invites your questions and interaction.  Theology 101 audio files are available on our audio page.
  • Evenings of Theology
    In-Depth Studies conducts Evenings of Theology at any location upon request. These theological forums can be centered around any topic the host chooses, or may be presented in an “open forum” question & answer setting. There is plenty of time for interaction in a casual give-and-take atmosphere where discussion is encouraged. Past topics have included: Eating to the Glory of God, The Role of Women in the Church, Abraham’s 4 Seeds, Lessons from Church History, and The Leading of the Spirit. These are normally done in a home, but can take place at any location.  If you would like to schedule an Evening of Theology or Open Forum, simply email Geoff.
  • Theology On-Line
    This Forum provides an opportunity for you to discuss any Biblical issue you like with the staff of In-Depth Studies through e-mail.
  • IDS Conferences & Seminars
    In-Depth Studies typically has one conference per year (usually held in the winter) and two theological seminars per year. Every conference and seminar is posted on the website with details explaining the particulars. If you would like to host your own seminar or conference with In-Depth Studies in addition to our regular schedule, please contact us.