3 thoughts on “Theology 101: Romans 8 Part 1

  1. Geoff, we need to underscore the fact that Christians still sin (often) and that no one is perfect. Our transformation is radical, but not yet complete. We now love God, and would not curse Him or speak evil of Him. People will notice our changed attitudes—that we no longer like to do the same sinful deeds as before, we no longer use the same filthy language, we no longer join in their evil practices, we don’t like to listen to their dirty stories or read their lewd books. But we can still fall into temptation, or flare up in anger, or be lazy or gluttonous, or tell lies. When we do these things, we later regret them—not merely because it got us into some sort of trouble, but because it grieves God who loves us: our heavenly Father who chose us, our Savior who died to redeem us, and the Holy Spirit who transforms us.

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