Sorting Out the Will of God

4 thoughts on “Sorting Out the Will of God

  1. Was there more episodes to sorting out the will of God? is listened to #5 and had the impession the was more.

  2. Dear Geoff: My previous comment on the Will of God episodes back in Aug. must have been written while in much pain. I don’t speak or write that poorly. Thank you for being so kind.
    I am wondering if any of your teachings in new covenant theology deals with specifics such as “church discipline”.
    Reading is not my strong suit these days as my vision is somewhat impaired, thus most of my learning is more easily done by listening

  3. Rita, I apologize for not getting back to you, but we are having a problem and I just found your comment. I will talk to you when I see you in June. Much love, Geoff

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