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What is a Colloquy?

The 2nd definition of “Colloquy” from the dictionary on my imac computer states that a colloquy is “a gathering for discussion of theological questions.” The 1st definition is that it is a “conversation.”

Subject of the Colloquy

Is the cross alone sufficient for salvation?

In some theological circles it is taught that the cross does not fulfill all that is needed for our salvation. This colloquy will examine what is truly necessary for our justification. With that in mind we are going to have this theological conversation over the question, “Is the cross of Jesus all-sufficient to secure our salvation?

Conversation Participants

Dr. Brian Arnold, Assistant Professor of Theology and Church History at Phoenix Seminary

Brian takes the position that forgiveness of sins from the cross is not enough for our justification. One must also need Christ’s perfect law keeping imputed into his account in order for him to be justified.

Geoff Volker, Director of In-Depth Studies

Geoff takes the position that forgiveness of sins from the cross is all we need for our justification.

Date and Time of Colloquy

Saturday, April 29

6:30pm to 9:00pm

(Nursery is not being provided)


The Southeast Regional Library

775 N Greenfield Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234

(It is located on the southeast corner of Greenfield Rd and Guadalupe Rd)


Admission is FREE! A box for a love gift will be available to help with expenses and a love gift for Dr. Brian Arnold.


For more information please contact either Geoff Volker (480-313-8558,, or Paul Honeycutt (480-206-6978,

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