IDS Weekend Radio Show: Episode 5 – New Covenant, Part 1

Geoff Volker and Paul Honeycutt continue to look at the New Covenant through the lens of 2 Corinthians 3

3 thoughts on “IDS Weekend Radio Show: Episode 5 – New Covenant, Part 1

  1. Good morning, am enjoying listening to your NCT series. Question though, unless I have missed it there had not been mention of the sacrifices. Were not those sacrifices a means of grace as well for the OT Israelites? Indeed, many of those were offered up rote, but surely the Day of Atonement was meaningful at least to some who knew that God would atone for theirs sins, although the blood of bulls and goats could not remove guilt. Thanks!

  2. Patrick,
    The sacrifices of the Mosaic Law on served as a picture of something to come. Please examine Hebrews 10:1-4. Even the Day of Atonement was only a picture. When it says that if you do the sacrifice then you are forgiven it means that the Israelite was restored to the nation of Israel (ceremonial forgiveness) but not to the God of Israel.

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