IDS of the Carolinas

IDS of the Carolinas

Introducing Brad Woodlief as the Newest Member to the IDS Family

My name is Brad Woodlief.  I am married to my best friend, Michelle.  Together we have three children, Connor 8, Mallory Kate 7, and one in the womb.  Michelle and I both met Geoff Volker while we were on a mission trip in Minsk, Belarus, when we were students at East Carolina University.  We have benefited tremendously from his ministry and are excited to be partnering with him through IDS.


My passions are and continue to be evangelism and discipleship.  Even though I have read the Great Commission hundreds of times, every time I read Matthew 28:18-20 it motivates me to continue in ministry.  I do believe a part of the Great Commission is often over looked.  That is the part found in verse 28:20 that reads, “..teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”  It seems this aspect of the Great Commission is often left out after someone comes to Christ.  That is one of the reasons why I love the teaching and equipping ministry of IDS.  How we handle the Bible is important.  What we believe about Scripture is a direct correlation with how we live our lives.

My prayer is God will use me to help train and equip believers Biblically, so they can love and serve our God better.  This includes meeting someone one on one and teaching in group settings.  My scope of ministry includes college students, professors and young professionals.  It is my goal that after someone is grounded Biblically; they will then apply that knowledge and equip others with Biblical truth, thus multiplying themselves.  I have a unique advantage because I live in a college town.  Literally, over 30,000 students and professors come from all over the world.  Thus, God can use me to have a global impact for His Name and Glory.

To contact me, email me at or find me on Skype at Brad.Woodlief. Visit Brad’s blog, after darkness, light shines.