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July 2015



I have been going to Belarus since 1996. A number of those years saw me coming to this portion of the world more than once a year. My heart is deeply interwoven with the believers of the New Covenant Reformed Baptist Church in Gatava, Belarus. I first met the founding pastor Vladimir Bukanov in 1997 when he was a student in my class on the book of Romans at the Bible College in Minsk. Now Anatoly Chukhalyonak joins Vladimir in leadership at the Gatava church. Anatoly, who is also a very dear friend and an excellent teacher, also interprets for me.


On this trip I was to give two conferences on New Covenant Theology. The conferences would start on a Friday evening and continue through Saturday afternoon. The first conference was held at the Baptist Church in Beroza, Belarus. Beroza is located on the way to Poland. We stayed overnight at the pastor’s home. This was the 2nd conference at the church in Beroza that I have given and the response was wonderful. From one year to the next it is very satisfying to see the growth in understanding among the believers. At the conference, as at all of our conferences, I encourage everyone to ask their questions. This conference was no exception. I especially am encouraged by the increase in the number of young adults.


The conference in Gatava is always the highlight of the trip. The attendees included many familiar faces as well as new ones. It might seem strange to say this, but a special time in both of the conferences is the Saturday lunch. Both in Beroza as well as Gatava the believers of the host churches put on a remarkable feast.


While in Belarus I stayed at the home of Vladimir and Luda Bukanov in the village of Mixanavichi. It is truly a home away from home. When I was not involved in conferences I was speaking at the church in Gatava as well as spending time in personal counseling. Luda, Vladimir’s wife, lavishes her remarkable food on me throughout each day. It is clearly not a time of intense dieting, but what a way to go.

I finished my trip with a stopover in Prague, Czech Republic as I spent some time with Pavel and Klara Steiger. I also stayed at their apartment while I was in Prague. Pavel has put together a remarkable book, radio and teaching ministry. I did spend one afternoon answering questions regarding New Covenant Theology at the home of one of the leaders that Pavel works with in the Czech Republic. Lord willing I will return to Belarus and Czech Republic next summer.



To Bucharest, Romania (September 7-22)

I will be doing two conferences in Romania. I will spend about a week in Bucharest (southeast Romania) and then a week in Comanesti (northeast Romania). The subject matter of the conference in Comanesti will be “How to biblically resolve conflict.” The subject matter of the conference in Bucharest has yet to be decided.



We are in the process of finalizing a conference on New Covenant Theology in the south of England that will take place Monday evening through Thursday morning, May 23-26, 2016. Please be in prayer as we seek to put everything in place for this conference.



How does a Believer relate to an Unbeliever?

IDS Theological Discussion Group meets every other month on a Saturday morning at my place. The purpose of this group is two-fold.

#1  An opportunity for believers to be iron sharpening iron with one another so that we can make progress on our understanding of Scripture. Each meeting one individual leads an interactive discussion on a biblical topic that believers do not all agree on.

#2  To learn how to discuss biblical issues that we disagree on in a manner that honors the God of Scripture. 1 Corinthians 10:31

Next Meeting

Saturday, August 15

The discussion group is from 8:00am to 10:00am at the home of Geoff Volker. The issue to be discussed is “How is Believer to Relate to an Unbeliever?” Geoff Volker is going to be leading this discussion. All are invited to be a part of this theological discussion. If you desire to attend please notify Geoff Volker (, 480.313.8558).



Four Views on the Book of Revelation

(Published by Zondervan, 1998, 252 pages, paperback.)

4 different ways of handling the book of Revelation are presented (Preterist, Idealist, which is the Amil perspective, Progressive Dispensationalism, Classical Dispensationalism) and are then evaluated by the other perspectives. This is an excellent introduction to the book of Revelation.

The Reading Forum takes place from 8:00am to 10:00am on a Saturday at the home of Geoff Volker. Please contact Geoff if you have any questions (480-313-8558,

Reading Schedule

Saturday, October 3 (1-92)

Saturday, November 7 (93-132)

Saturday, December 5 (133-176)

Saturday, January 9 (177-232)



Picture/Fulfillment: A Study in New Covenant Theology

I am in the process of putting together a comprehensive book on New Covenant Theology. As I finish portions of the book I will be putting them out for your examination and comment. Please feel very free to comment on my writing and do not hesitate to criticize it. My desire is to have a book that is clear and comprehensive. I will begin sending out portions of the new book in June. Please send your comments to

I have just finished a major section on “Covenants.” I am currently working on the next major section, which is “Israel.” What I have written is now available for your comment on the IDS website. Please do not hesitate to give criticisms or suggestions. I am in need of your thoughts so that I can do a better job on this book. Go to and check out the “new book” section. Everyone who receives the IDS newsletter will also receive the new book portions, as they are available.



One of the most effective forms of ministry that I do is to meet with guys one on one. It is in this setting that I can tailor what we study to meet the needs of the one I am meeting with. If this appeals to you all you have to do is to let me know that you want to meet together. It can be a one-time meeting or an on-going commitment. In light of full disclosure you ought to know that I benefit more from these meetings than the person I am meeting with. Please contact me at

480-313-8558 or



The begging portion of this Newsletter

As always, financial support will not be refused if you should decide to give some to me. All you need to do is to make out a check to “IDS” and send it to the address of the ministry, IDS, 3324 E. Enid Ave., Mesa, AZ 85204-4836. You can also send a check through the online banking of your bank. Personally I have found this method to be the most convenient way to support other ministries. Finally, you can give money by going to the IDS website ( and use the pay pal giving button. Please be aware that a portion of your gift through pay pal (2.5%) goes to pay pal. If you ever have questions regarding how we handle financial matters you only need to call or email me and I will answer all your questions.



The “New Covenant Confession of Faith” has been revised. Please check out this thorough confession of faith from the perspective of New Covenant Theology. We think that it is better than the original one. Look at it and give us your feedback. It would be greatly appreciated.



If you are looking for more times of teaching from me you could check out our churches website where the Sunday messages are available to you. You can also check me out on Look under Geoff Volker for messages delivered at New Covenant Bible Fellowship.


THEOLOGY 101 For Men Only, Scottsdale, Arizona (Dave Scholl’s home)

Paul’s Letter to the Colossians

The Home of Dave Scholl

(5246 E. Fantol Dr., Paradise Valley, AZ 85253, Dave’s cell is 602.525.3469)

Please contact Geoff Volker (480.313.85558) for more information on this study.  We meet at the man cave of Dave Scholl. The study normally meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 7:30am to 10:00am.

Future Meetings

Thursday, August 13 (Dave Scholl’s)

Thursday, September 3 (Dave Scholl’s)

Thursday, October 8 (Dave Scholl’s)

Thursday, November 12 (Dave Scholl’s)

Thursday, December 10 (Dave Scholl’s)


THEOLOGY 101 Scottsdale, Arizona (Phil & Marge Smith’s home)

The Book of James

The home of Phil and Marge Smith

(6510 E. Spring Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85254)

This study meets every Wednesday from October through May. The study begins at 7:30am and ends at 8:30am. The first 15 minutes are an open forum where you can ask any biblical question. The last 45 minutes are devoted to our study of the book of James. Geoff Volker will be the teacher. As always, questions and interaction are encouraged. Feel free to disagree, just do it in a manner that honors the Lord.

This study meets at the home of Phil and Marge Smith (6510 E. Spring Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85254). If you have any questions please call either Geoff Volker (480.313.8558) or Phil Smith (480.951.2793). The audio of this study will be available on the In-Depth Studies website. The study will resume Wednesday, October 7.



IDS Hour

We are in the midst of a series on Hermeneutics.



IDS Hour

We are in the midst of a series on Hermeneutics

You can also check out our teaching videos on

Other Times of Teaching

Two other times of teaching in Greenville, NC can be viewed on

“Finding God’s Will”

“The Work of the Holy Spirit in Decision-Making”



In-Depth Studies is now in North and South Carolina. Our newest staff member Brad Woodlief makes his home is Greenville, NC. If you have interest in what we are doing in the Carolinas please contact Brad Woodlief, who would be more than happy to talk with you. Brad teaches bible studies in the Greenville area as well as equipping a students from East Carolina University. Brad would also love to meet with anyone who would want to be equipped with the tools to handle Scripture and is also available as a competent bible teacher for your church or group. Besides teaching  You can contact Brad through email at or through Skype at Brad.Woodlief. Please check out Brad’s blog (After Darkness, Light Shines,



I am offering a class on “Intermediate Greek.” The class usually meets once a month on Sunday afternoons at my home. Please contact Geoff if you have any questions.

Books Required

A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek, by William D. Mounce

New Testament Syntax Workbook, by Daniel B. Wallace and Grant G. Edwards

Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics by Daniel B. Wallace (optional)

(A Greek New Testament)



I would be more than happy to come to your home to conduct an Evening of Theology on the topic of your choice. You choose the topic and who you want to invite, provide a little finger food and I will lead the evening discussion. If this appeals to you then just let me know by phone or by email. There is no cost involved to bring me to your place to conduct the Evening of Theology. This is a tool to affect your family and friends for the Kingdom of God. Consider having one of these gatherings. Please contact Geoff Volker (480-313-8558,  to schedule an Evening of Theology.



Geoff Volker

Director of In-Depth Studies,,

3324 East Enid Avenue, Mesa, Arizona 85204-4836

480.313.8558, Skype: “geoffvolker”


In-Depth Studies is a Theological Outreach of New Covenant Bible Fellowship, Mesa, Arizona, which seeks to equip the believer with a theological foundation from the point of view of the Doctrines of Grace and New Covenant Theology.

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  1. I am impressed for what you people are doing in educating the society even to know more about the scriptures,of course in-dept analysis leads to understanding of the scriptures,and at the same time leads to conversion,as believer continue to gather together to instruct them selves for understanding of the scriptures then their knowledge broadens for better and they will now be involved in teaching God’s children the true doctrines of Christ even His gospel,

    I want to know if this invitation is extended to those outside Europe and America.

    Mr,Nweke Friday

  2. yes, I would be happy to work with you over skype to get a better understanding of the Scriptures. My skype name is geoffvolker. Geoff

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