2 thoughts on “IDS Hour – Sorting out the will of God: Episode 13

  1. Dear Mr. Volker,

    I am disappointed in your explanation of dying to the law, particularly when you are so adamant about resolving meaning of scripture in context. Dying to the law is about the jurisdiction of the law. The law no longer has jurisdiction with respect to the believer. The example of the woman whose husband died demonstrates that the law cannot condemn her for remarrying. The law cannot reach her to condemnn her because of the death of her husband. In the same way, the law cannot condemn us because we have died to the law. In context, the point is about jurisdiction of the law, not a new heart or a bad heart. There is no “heart” in this passage. Believers are simply not under jurisdiction of law.

  2. Dave, I am sorry that we have to agree to disagree. To me Romans 7:4-6 is all about the changed life of the believer.

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