One thought on “IDS Hour – Sorting out the will of God: Episode 1

  1. Deaf Geoff,

    I am new in NCT and I am writing you from Mexico City; I would like to know if we can be in touch to go deeper in this New Covenant Theology Structure and to let me grow in the true knowledge of the God of the Bible.

    In Mexico we a re surrounded by Roman Catholicism, sects, and cults. Many Baptist and evangelical groups are settled here as well; however, the vast majority of them embrace Arminianism and Dispensionalism; the only brethren who hold Covenant Theology are Presbyterians; nevertheless, NCT as far as I have researched, no one in Mexico holds this view which as far as i have read from John G. Reisinger and A. Blake White is the most accurate and logical theological position.

    I Hope to hear more about you soon.

    Blessings from our Father in Heaven.

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