3 thoughts on “IDS Hour – Israel: Episode 2

  1. Nice Job.
    The key is… “What is the covenant in Romans 11:27?”

    To those of us who understand the New Covenant, there can only be one answer.

    In Acts chapter 2 Peter addressed those present as, “men of Judea” then as “men of Israel” and then in 2:36 he said “let all the house of Israel know…”. This is clearly a fulfillment of Jeremiah 31:31. On the day of Pentecost about 3,000 of “the house of Israel” became members of the New Covenant, through faith in Christ.

    In Romans 11 the only path of salvation is by being grafted into the Olive Tree, which is a symbol of the New Covenant Church. There is no path of salvation for limbs that continue to be broken off.

    Some have attempted to change the word “so”, which is an adverb of manner, into the word “then”, which is an adverb of timing. This one word can completely change the meaning of the text.

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