2 thoughts on “IDS Hour – Imputation of Active Obedience: Episode 1

  1. Hello Geoff/Paul,

    Will you be going in to more detail about the opposing view. In other words how is this teaching ‘used’ in the covenant theology circles.

    I remember you talking about this topic a little bit before but not covering that part. It can sound like your making much to do about nothing, *which I know is not the case*. Out of context it sounds like you are picking another issue with Presbyterians that *seems* could be left alone.

    Hope that makes sense, I just know from comments from others it would go along way to have understanding of the danger.

    Thank you

  2. Jim, check out the IDS Colloquy on youtube.com for a 2 1/2 hour discussion on this very issue. Geoff

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