2 thoughts on “IDS Hour – Church: Episode 1

  1. I mostly agree with the statements regarding mega or larger churches and the challenge of small groups, but perhaps the purpose of small groups is not a teaching opportunity that requires a highly qualified leader (isn’t that the sermon?), but rather an opportunity to discuss how the message of the most recent sermon relates to each of our lives and our walk with Christ. In which case I don’t see a need for a leader. The host can facilitate, but if individuals are discussing their personal experiences and feelings it is more of a peer discussion. I don’t go to a small group so somebody else can tell what I should of got out of a sermon or scripture. I go to share what I got out it and hear others that we all may grow and get to know each other better. Hearing a “qualified leader’ tell everybody what they should of got out of the sermon doesn’t bring the group together at all. It just a repeat of the sermon to a smaller audience. To that end, I don’t thing a good leader makes a good small group, I think a group a people eager to grow in Christ , open up to others and listen to others makes a great small group. We already have a perfect leader.

  2. Jim, your point is well taken. What is needed in small groups is effective shepherding. That is usually where the small group leader is lacking. If we did not need shepherds then Scripture would be silent on the issue.

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