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Subject of the Colloquy

Is the cross alone sufficient for salvation?

In some theological circles it is taught that the cross does not fulfill all that is needed for our salvation. This colloquy will examine what is truly necessary for our justification. With that in mind we are going to have this theological conversation over the question, “Is the cross of Jesus all-sufficient to secure our salvation?

Conversation Participants

Dr. Brian Arnold, Assistant Professor of Theology and Church History at Phoenix Seminary

Brian takes the position that forgiveness of sins from the cross is not enough for our justification.

Geoff Volker, Director of In-Depth Studies

Geoff takes the position that forgiveness of sins from the cross is all we need for our justification.


On Saturday evening, April 29, a Theological Colloquy was held to discuss the issue of Justification. The point of disagreement centered on the question of what was needed by the work of Jesus Christ to be justified. Was the forgiveness that Jesus purchased on the cross for all those whom the Father chose to save sufficient for acceptance by the Father? Or, does one also need to have Jesus keep the law perfectly for us in order for us to be justified or accepted by the Father?

Dr. Brian Arnold, the Assistant Professor of Theology and Church History at Phoenix Seminary, defended the view that forgiveness is not enough for justification. One also needs the perfect law keeping of Jesus in order to be saved. Geoff Volker, the Director of In-Depth Studies, took the view that forgiveness of sins by the death of Jesus was all that was needed to be for one to be accepted by the Father or justified.

There were about 64 in attendance and it was a remarkable evening. Both Brian and Geoff began the evening by presenting their views. Then each questioned each other. Finally, the rest of the evening was given over to questions from the audience. The spirit of the Colloquy truly was honoring to the Lord. I especially want to acknowledge the manner in which Brian presented his case and interacted with me. He obviously is a God-lover and the evening was well worth it. I believe that I can say that all who were there profited by the give and take of the Colloquy.

In the future we hope to have more Colloquy’s. So, stay tuned to this station.

In-Depth Studies is a Theological Outreach of New Covenant Bible Fellowship, Gilbert, Arizona, which seeks to equip the believer with a theological foundation from the point of view of the Doctrines of Grace and New Covenant Theology.

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